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  • Name: Princess Havocxxx
  • Aka: Princess Havoc
  • Dob:
  • Height: 5'0"
  • Weight:
  • Measurements: 40-38-56
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site: PrincessHavocxxx
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  • Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
  • Biography: Born in GA, spent childhood camping, riding horses, fishing, singing in the church choir, and playing in the woods cause that's what you do in the south. went to college for Psychology and attained my Bachelor's degree in psychology, with a specialty in PTSD and anxiety stemming from sexual assault. I have spent most of my adult life with 2-3 jobs at a time bc I get bored and need the challenge. My favorite job was being a manager of a porn store and my least favorite job was probably working in the prep station of a restaurant. the most unique job was being an asset protection associate at Walmart before the pandemic. I entered the industry in 2020 and during that time I have learned so much, but honestly the industry saved me. it taught me so much about myself and how to love myself, flaws and all.